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Why Backfilling New Homes in Ballwin, MO is a Must at Motz Estates

Safety, comfort, and convenience should never be ignored by anyone looking for new homes in Ballwin, MO. These qualities should be present in your community, neighborhood, and especially your house itself. This is why Flower and Fendler Custom Homebuilders is backfilling the foundations for two inventory houses at Motz Estates to ensure the strength and stability of these structures.

When pouring the foundation for each house that we build, Flower and Fendler Custom Homebuilders employs backfilling. We over-excavate when digging the foundation for a new home, then fill the new foundation with rock. Done correctly, this process fortifies the foundations of a house, minimizes shifting, and provides the structure with a stable base.

Once we’ve created secure foundations for each home at Motz Estates, we go to work creating interiors that combine luxury, convenience, and style. For instance, we build stylized kitchens, cultured bathrooms, and have added fireplaces and high ceilings to complement our designs. Additionally, these houses are energy-efficient and insulated to maintain just the right temperatures for you and your family no matter the weather. These are just a few of the features you can look forward to once you move in, and you can even customize your home to make it truly your own.

Looking for new homes in Ballwin, MO can be a real challenge because the city is such an amazing place to live in. The distinct qualities of Motz Estates, however, will give other options a run for their money. Its location places it within the prestigious Rockwood School district along with other high-quality schools for your children. Furthermore, you’re only a short distance away from first-class community amenities such as the Ballwin Pointe Fitness and Recreation Center and the Ballwin Pool. There are also several fantastic dining and shopping areas nearby, making it very convenient for you to get everything you need.

To better understand how we combine the highest safety standards with the finest building practices for our new homes in Ballwin locations such as The Motz Estates and The Timbers at Ries Bend, feel free to get in touch and look around the rest of our website.

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