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Lori Koessel Blaine

Flower & Fendler as a builder – absolutely!! Not only is my house well built, but Flower & Fendler also has fabulous follow­up and great customer service. It’s really everything a new homeowner could ask for.

Not only that but the crew did a great job on my one­year warranty items. I really didn’t have many issues, which is testimony as to what a great house Flower & Fendler builds. But the items I did have were all taken care of. The crew/contractors were on time, courteous, and thorough in their work. It has been a pleasure working with Flower & Fendler!!

Nancy Bayes Waser

Our experience with Flower and Fendler was way beyond our expectations. From the beginning of the process Dave Fendler was great to work with; helpful and very knowledgeable. We like his matter­of­fact approach. It felt more like he was a friend who knew all the ins and outs of building. He was honest and clear about what the costs would be and we appreciated his advice on what options to put on the top of our priority list. He worked with us in creating a customized front to our house which we love!

Whatever you are paying Mike McGee, it’s not enough! Mike was always available, patient and friendly. The products that Flower and Fendler uses, both standard and upgraded, are spectacular. So many of their standard options are expensive upgrades with other builders. After comparing some of the houses our friends have built elsewhere and then looking at ours, there's really no comparison. The material and quality is simply above what other builders offer.

We feel very fortunate to have built a home with Flower and Fendler.

Jonathan Valentino

We built our home with Flower and Fendler two years ago. It's great. The quality is very good. It has a very open floor plan which is great for entertaining; both upstairs and in the finished downstairs. And it's very interesting from the outside. Especially that Tuscan elevation. People really like it. It's not some boring design. I've actually had people stop by the house when I'm doing yard work and say they really like it. One person even wanted to see inside the house!

The model we liked was actually at one of their display homes. We talked to them about what modifications we could make to it and whether we could build off site. They said “absolutely we can do it” and even helped us find the lot. No more than two weeks later they showed us the lot we are at now. It’s perfect. We have a walk­out lot in an area and a school district where we want to be. It turned out exactly as we wanted. We love it!

They gave me a date by which they were going to get it done and they got it done. There were no issues. Project manager Mike McGee was really good. Don't get me wrong there were some things along the way, but they were always responsive. And Sean was great. There was some warranty work in that first year, some things that needed to be touched up, and Sean would get back to me personally. He'd get things done and was very responsive.

I know other people who are looking to build homes. And I've recommended Flower and Fendler to them.

Jane Largen Rusicka

Choosing to build a home is a major event as well as selecting the ideal builder. After many conversations and previewing a few of their homes, we knew Flower and Fendler was the builder for us! We strongly feel they lead in every aspect regarding their building experience, customer and sales service. They made the process very seamless. If I could score them from zero to 10, it would be 15!

We talked to other builders prior to that, and these are well known builders in St. Louis. We just didn't get that comfort level. There was just something completely different with how Flower & Fendler handled their home building process. We didn't feel pressured. They work with you. They are very transparent. It was the approachability and the warmth of their customer service that made us feel comfortable dealing with them throughout the duration of the entire pre & post home building experience.

We asked a litany of questions! We were pretty meticulous. And they just put us at ease with everything. To us, it was our dream home. We felt as though they made that experience remarkable for us. You want the best value of your dollar. You want to feel you are important from the day you step in their office, and you do! We wanted to make sure that we were going to invest in a home building company that emulates excellence in building homes, so when we look back 20 or 30 years later, and can say it was the most awesome experience, this is what you get with a Flower & Fendler home!....We are very proud of our home.

Mike McGee was fantastic! If I had a concern or question and I saw Mike, I would just stop and ask him. That's just how he is; always friendly, great customer service! He is just an extremely valuable asset to the F&F building company. Sean was wonderful to work with, and David Fendler was great during the selling experience as well. They build an extremely good quality home. And I think the growth at the Estates at Williams Creek speaks volumes. It's just been booming!

You can tell they really care about their customers. I don't think every builder is like that. If you want optimal customer service and longevity of quality in building outstanding premium model/custom homes, then Flower & Fendler is your builder! It will be the best decision you ever made!

Kirk Gunhus

We built a custom home with Flower and Fendler and it was a phenomenal experience.

We basically started from scratch. We wanted a certain look. So Sean pulled up some land for us to look at and negotiated our offer. Then we knew we wanted a ranch. So he took one of his designs, handed it over to an architect, and we provided the details of what we wanted. They put the final plans together and that became the design for the house.

They do a great job hearing the expectations and desires of the people who want to build and really meet them. But if the expectations aren’t necessarily realistic, they offer alternatives to make it even better than what they had in mind in the first place.

The staff is very easy to work with. Take for example, the kitchen. We changed the design three or four times. But they were able to get us upgraded cabinets because of some of the changes we were doing; taking that money and upgrading it. That was a good experience.

One of the things I like about Flower and Fendler is they include almost everything. So you are not just getting a house and then you have to pay for all the extra stuff that you really want. Most of what they did is included in the price. That’s huge. People don’t want to sit there and negotiate for every little thing.

I would recommend Flower and Fendler to anybody, any friend, any time.

Steve Braun

I can't thank you guys enough for your attention to the roof leak issue on our new house above the garage. I understand that in the grand scheme of things, this is a minor issue relative to the different things on your plate. But it shows you back up your warranty. The customer focus that you have exhibited is an invaluable asset that sets your company apart from the rest.

Kristy Polsak

Your warranty team did a fantastic job! We had a list of items to address at the 11 ­month mark for our new home. They were extremely professional, showed up on time and made sure we were satisfied with the work completed. I thought I would share since most people only tend to tell you what went wrong or what they didn't like.

Ryan Lindemann

We really feel Flower & Fendler delivered a lot of quality and attention to detail in our home. Their willingness to work with us was great. The house we have is fairly unique. And we liked being able to put our own unique stamp on it.

It’s a lot of money to build a house. But we felt like we got a significant amount of quality for the dollar amount, compared to when we built a house that was maybe a fraction of the cost as this one 15 years ago.

We have been very happy. And it is a testament to them. We’ve built twice. It was enjoyable this time, because of who we were dealing with versus before, where it felt like hard work. Their willingness to personally work with us as individuals, up front and after the fact, let us know we were working with people who take a lot of pride in what they build. They want it to be right.

Elizabeth & Tommy Potteiger

I wanted to thank you for arranging for Terry to come help us.

Not only did he remedy the vent connection but he was extremely nice and helpful. I really appreciate the time he took and his genuine kindness.